Gamy Hot Dog

What do you do when you're bored? Why, you watch yourself some YouTube of course. Doing so I found myself at BuzzFeed channel watching the "Worth it" series, featuring a somewhat annoying Asian American, a supposedly reluctant sidekick and an audio guy trying food in three price ranges - the cheap, the regular and the very, very expensive.

After watching a few of these video's I concluded the average American way-too-expensive restaurants aren't too imaginative, since the the most expensive option always seems to feature foie gras, truffles, caviar or Wagyu beef (usually all of these), be it a pizza, sushi, burger or hot dog.

The middle option usually looks pretty appetizing though, and after finishing the hot dog video I was inspired to make my own over-the-top hot dog. Not with duck liver, oysters, gold leaf or truffles, but with a lot of tasty ingredients.

As luck would have it I could lay my hands on some wild boar/venison hot dog sausages, which was a good start already. I decided to add sliced pork liver (no geese  harmed for this sandwich) and fried bacon for good measure. This season simply cries out for sauerkraut, so that was a given - and some fried red onions to add some sweetness. Finally some sharp French mustard and barbecue sauce on top - and we have winner.

I served this with Brewdog Pumpkin King, spicy and hoppy yet utterly drinkable, making it the perfect combination with this flavorful hot dog.

(Oh, and if you happen to watch the hot dog episode - what's up with the Belgian Sour? Who serves that with a hot dog?)

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